Love is not a feeling when everyone in the soul is blazing there with some fire that poets write about. It's not love, it's ′′ I want to have ". And love is when I want to give. Your blood, your time, your energy, your means, your mind, your living space. I can't live without you - signature under dislike, like be there when I'm in the mood, I'll hug you or kiss you. They love cheese, although there is some difference between human and cheese, despite both biological mass.
People often tell each other: I love you.
But when the kisses are over, the love also often ends. Because love requires sacrifice, and this sacrifice is difficult to make, self-pity, do not want to do something for your loved one, suffer, be patient, humble, forgive the very little. And it turns out: they just seemed to love each other, and after ten minutes they swear.
So there is no love, because love necessarily requires suffering for the loved one: for the sake of my loved one, for the sake of his love, I will be silent, for the love I will tolerate...
True is only the love that does not flee from the cross, is not afraid of suffering, is ready for wounds and death for the sake of a loved one, which does not fall away during temptations, but, on the contrary, it is even more excited that this love can be shown.
Because love can only manifest in trials, only in temptations. That's why they are immersed by God, so that a man will show his love...

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov

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